9 Reasons We Love BDI Furniture

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1. Function

BDI product designs are always centered around functionality. Because they specialize in media furniture, (a particularly demanding type of furniture design, detail-wise) they have formed a habit of considering functional details for their designs to great success. All of their media furniture collections have long lists of what they refer to as “performance features.” These include things like flow-through ventilation and infrared friendly glass – detailed functional features of their products that make all the difference in improving their everyday use.

2. Form Follows Function

After function, BDI product designs carry their form through to not only allow and accommodate for their functionality, but to accentuate, highlight and integrate their functionality into an elegant design solution.

3. Form Choices

The forms that BDI designers choose to pursue are high quality, style-forward contemporary design motifs (that we have established, also integrate and follow functionality). A good example is the award winning Corridor series designed by Matthew Weatherly. This series’ form features horizontal hardwood louvers as a consistent façade element. This style of design will be familiar to those who follow contemporary Architecture trends as it has been used by many successful modern Architects to tie together or drive building designs. It is an elegant and simple design solution that allows infrared signals to reach the interiors of the Corridor media furniture pieces, allows for flow-through ventilation, and gives them an attractive design motif that binds each piece to the others and gives the collection a strong overall theme.

Award winning Corridor Low TV Stand in white oak

4. Material Choices

BDI products have high quality materials and finishes that always enhance the form of their designs and contribute to the cohesiveness of their collections. BDI’s chocolate stained walnut is my personal favorite. It has a rich, dark, attractive hue.

Vertica TV Stand in rich chocolate stained walnut finish

5. Simplicity of Form, Complexity of Design

BDI furniture pieces are all contained within simple, elegant geometries. Their parts come together to make clean lines and shapes, yet their furniture is almost always complex in its functionality and features. To accomplish formal minimalism and functional maximalism is the goal of countless designers, but few are able to realize both aspects into singular designs.

The Aspect Compact Office by BDI accomplishes a minimalist form with a maximum amount of features and functionality.

6. Proportion Choices

Proportion is one of the subtle aspects of design that often gets overlooked as the realities of structure and function get accommodated into projects. BDI integrates structure and function into their designs with such efficacy that they are able to maintain pleasing proportions and other such subtle considerations that are the benchmark or the highest quality products.

7. Product Information

BDI provides a wealth of information about their products and makes it readily available to anyone seeking it. Transparency and availability of product information is another indicator of quality.

8. Designer Crediting

BDI credits their designers and advertises their accomplishments. This shows the pride they take not only in the products they create, but also the people that design and make them.

9. Business Operation and Service

A lot of companies that have the quality of products that BDI has fall short in other ways, usually in terms of communication and service. However, BDI is great to work and communicate with and they have excellent customer service.

It's a pleasure to sell BDI products at Collectic Home for these reasons and more. We offer the entire BDI line and stand by their quality and aesthetic value. It's my hope that those who visit our site and our store are able to truly appreciate the quality and care that goes into the design and creation of BDI furniture.

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