Designer's Desk Picks

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Working at a desk you love can help you enjoy your work. Practically speaking, well designed desks help your work flow and help keep you focused. They help you organize your materials and provide plenty of work space.

A desk should be custom to the tasks done at it as well as the person working at it. Some people need a lot of storage for their desks while other simply want a nice surface to work on. For every type of work there is a desk out there optimized for accomplishing it.

Additionally, a desk should be selected based on the space it will be used in. Consider the dimensions of the desk against the available space first. Then move to other spatial considerations such as locations of office doors and windows, space circulation, and office entry location.

Below are a cross section of my favorite desks from the Collectic Home catalog. Some are selected for their efficiency and usability, others purely for their aesthetics. Be sure to browse our entire desk catalog to decide for yourself which are the best.

The Aspect Compact Office provides a full featured workspace in a small footprint, with plenty of storage and amenity, as well as a stylish two tone finish with either white or black and natural walnut.

The Conrad Desk has a beautiful walnut finish and a sleek brushed stainless steel base, as well as plenty of storage and a generous work surface.

The Reef Desk is a cool modern desk with a minimalist form and a matte white finish. It is constructed from honey comb inlay panels which make it lighter and stronger. The Reef Desk has a generous work surface and a small drawer, but was chosen mostly for its aesthetic appeal.

The Dusk Table can also be used as a dining table or conference table, but is best used as a communal work space. It is a great looking, cool contemporary work surface with tons of space.

The Semblance Wide Inline Office is a modular office system that can be added to over time to adjust to changing needs. It has sleek finishes and a modern, minimal style. This iteration of the Semblance Modular Office is great for home offices.

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