New BDI Office Collections

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New Contemporary Office Collections from BDI

We are always excited when we get to unveil new products from BDI - (Read Why) - especially their brilliant contemporary office designs.

There are several things that set BDI's office collections apart. First, their office collections are not conceived as individual pieces of furniture, but as cohesive, semi-modular, complete offices. They incorporate the many demands of a modern office into their designs while making each piece adaptable and a part of a seamless whole.

Second, their furniture always combines amazing features with minimalist, modern style aesthetics. This is probably the hardest thing to do in the world of design - produce a clean, minimal finish geometry while incorporating complex, maximalistic design considerations. They accomplish this with each collection they release.

Finally, BDI Office collections are built from the highest quality, unique materials and are meant to last you a lifetime. They warranty their products for three years, but you can expect both their durability and their style to hold up for much longer than that.

Without further ado, we present the new BDI Office collections - The Centro Office and the Corridor Office - PLUS the new Sequel LIFT Desk:

New BDI Centro Contemporary Office Collection

Create an elegant and functional workspace with Centro office. The collection can be assembled in a variety of configurations and features gray, micro-etched glass tops, white painted oak veneers, and white powder-coated steel details. The BDI Centro Office Collection was designed by Matthew Weatherly.

Centro Contemporary Office Collection by BDI

Centro Desk $1,299.00
Centro Desk Return $599.00
Centro Mobile File Pedestal $699.00
Centro 3 Drawer File $799.00
Centro Lateral File Cabinet $1,299.00
Centro Multi-Function Cabinet $1,379.00

The Corridor Contemporary Office Collection by BDI in Chocolate Stained Walnut

Highlighted by its striking design, Corridor Office is engineered to create an impressive workspace. The collection includes a generously-sized desk, storage and file cabinets, and a unique credenza. Work surfaces feature black, micro-etched glass that is easy to maintain and has a luxurious feel. The BDI Corridor Office Collection brings the beautiful and refined modernism of Matthew Weatherly's award winning Corridor Collection to home and professional offices. It is available in both Chocolate Stained Walnut and Natural White Oak finishes.

The Corridor Contemporary Office Collection by BDI in Natural White Oak

Corridor Executive Desk $1,799.00
Corridor Mobile File Pedestal $799.00
Corridor Cabinet $1,699.00
Corridor Credenza $2,199.00

Sequel LIFT Contemporary Sit + Stand Desk

Sequel set a new standard for efficient and organized workspaces and the bar has been raised with the Sequel LIFT Desk. A versatile, height-adjustable desk, LIFT’s powered leg system is controlled by a programmable digital keypad. Whether sitting, standing or somewhere in-between, your work surface is always at the perfect height.

Sequel LIFT Contemporary Sit + Stand Desk

Sequel Executive Lift Desk $1,599.00
Sequel Lift Desk $1,399.00

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