New Year, New Trends

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The new year is a perfect time to take stock of where design trends are now and where they are headed.

Here are my predictions for what styles will come to the fore in 2016.

1. Hand made / Artisanal

Hand made imperfection goes in and out of style with some regularity. It seems 2016 could be a big year for hand made accents and furniture. Collectic Home has you covered with these hand made items from our collection.

The Tristan Table Lamp is a stylish handmade clear blown art glass table lamp.

The Stefano Accent Tables are made from flamed copper and have rivet details, giving them an artisanal quality.

The Vidal Table Lamp is a handmade, two-tone, blown art glass table lamp.

2. Complementing Organic and Geometric Elements

There is a decision people make between “organic” and “geometric” when they are choosing what style of interior they want to pursue. As we move into 2016, more and more people are finding that a balance between geometric and organic can accomplish some beautiful compositions and their complementary nature can add some drama and energy to a space.

The Augusto Dining Chair has a soft, curving, sinuous organic shape.

The Glare Sideboard has an elegant, simple geometry that is augmented by its glossy white finish.

The Coral Rug features an organic, Gestalt style image.

The Oslo Dining Chair has a shape, style, finish and texture that will add an organic touch to your dining room.

3. Rich Textures

Texture styles ebb and flow like "this year's gray." In 2016, richer, more palpable textures will dominate the landscape.

The Ming Chest is finished in lacquered grasscloth, giving it a rich visual texture and a pleasant tactile quality as well.

The Ramon Dining Table has a glass and stone composite top that makes for a beautiful textured finish.

The Selma Table Lamp gets its rich texture from its natural shell tile body.

The Lippman Gray Sleeper Sofa is upholstered in a gray fabric with a rich and handsome texture.

The Mondovi Wall Sculpture has a very palpable, rich earthy texture made by layering warm colored metal tiles - which lead us to our next trend.

4. Warm Colored Metals

The long predicted surge in popularity for warm colored metal finishes, and in particular, gold metal finishes, is finally upon us.

The Elliptical Wall Sculpture is made from beautiful flame treated steel which has a warm colored patina.

The Gunther Gold Table Lamp has a beautiful gold-leaf finish body.

The Jacqui Black Dresser has gold drawer pulls, giving it that touch of opulence that will come to prominence this year.

The Seraphina Table Lamp has a polished brass base that has just the right touch of warm metal.

The Elea Gold Bar Stool is an eye catching gold steel bar stool that you are going to see more and more of this year.

The Mod Placemant comes in brass or gold. Metallic fabric in particular should have a strong year. The Mod Placemat is also a bright accent, making a nice segue to our final trend.

5. Bright Accents

Brightly colored accents can be a nice touch and call attention to quality details by visually emphasizing them. They can also bring some interest to an otherwise boring design or balance out an overly muted color scheme.

The Orange Buds Rug will add a touch of orange to your living space.

The Ella Lounge Chair is a multi-color lounge chair with bright elements.

The Indra Amber Pendant has an amber crackled glass shade that will bring its bright hue to your interior.

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