The First Rule of Furnishing Your Home…

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…there are no rules.

We live in wondrous times. The last few years have demonstrated that the ongoing shift from the analog to the digital age and the virtually instant access to information via the Internet has created a planet-wide quake of enormous proportions, literally opening a gaping, bottomless chasm into which millions of outmoded business models have fallen. Just a short list of these includes photofinishing—who ever needed prints of all those blurry, under-exposed snapshots, much less DOUBLE PRINTS of them? How about being forced to buy an entire CD to get ONE song you liked? In a word: gone. What about the corner travel agent who booked your train tickets? Almost overnight, these practices have disappeared.

This fundamental shift in the ways we as consumers will interact with the companies that serve our needs, wants and desires will ultimately pervade every transaction. The current buzzword is “on-demand”: YOU will dictate your exact requirements, and a vendor will provide a product to meet them exactly.

This shift to on-demand buying has already begun to influence the environments in which we live. In the staid world of home furnishings—where, until recently, hundred-year-old manufacturers and retailers were often the norm—radical new upstarts are meeting the needs of consumers who ignore the rules of erstwhile artificial aesthetic styles such as Traditional, Southwest, Oriental, or Modern. Enlightened consumers are forging their own unique collections, incorporating an eclectic mix of styles ranging from classics to heirlooms, collectibles to contemporary, functional to whimsical.

Collectic Home's designers planned, specified, and sourced all the furnishings in three high-end Gulf Coast 2-bedroom condominium rental units. Our installation crews delivered and installed everything over one weekend, in a turnkey operation, leaving the units' owners with an inventory binder to ensure that everything remains in its place.

For those of us who love fine craftsmanship and exquisite design, this development is far and away the best thing ever to happen to the home furnishings business. And, most exciting of all, the economies of worldwide resourcing means that these high standards in design and quality can be found at every price point in the spectrum. An inexpensive side table that comes unassembled in a box can be a marvel of engineering; an imported buffet can have a hand-rubbed finish that has the depth and color as if it possessed 100 years of patina.

These homeowners combined a custom-made, granite-top extension table with an inexpensive contemporary buffet, Italian leather and beechwood dining chairs, and an Art-Deco era antique they’d discovered flea market-shopping in Germany. In the corner resides a rustic milking stool from a Chinese farm. The statement is eclectic and each item a conversation piece.

Unencumbered by the outmoded rules and even the guilt that could ensue if they purchased furnishings that didn’t meet the old, arbitrary standards of style, consumers are now enthusiastically discovering that every room in their home can reflect their personal lifestyle and tastes. If you need storage for your home theater equipment—and an Asian antique cabinet fits the bill—there’s no reason it won’t coordinate perfectly well with a contemporary leather sectional for your family to relax in while watching the latest movie. If you love your grandmother’s set of antique dining chairs, but want to place them around a practical, glass-top table—go for it. It’s YOUR home; let it reflect YOUR style.

This contemporary dining room was furnished with the Collectic philosophy, combining several disparate styles into one cohesive composition with many conversation pieces, including the Crystal Dining Chair from Collectic Home.

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