Collectic Home Delivers Another Unit For Community First

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Collectic Home has installed another unit's furniture at the Community! First Village outside Austin, TX.

The Community First! Charity provides housing for the homeless and is located right outside Austin, Texas. Collectic Home has been selecting and installing furniture in their units to help provide comfortable, beautiful and sustainable housing to the area's most in-need citizens.

The Community First! Village outside of Austin, TX

Check out this beautiful grouping of small houses that create a modern village. Who would know that these were built from the charity of others? It is a great achievement to provide such quality housing and a quality community to those that really need them.

The community also has several shared spaces, such as a community garden, where the inhabitants can do more than just live and survive, they can dwell and thrive. The initiative is ambitious and successful, with a wide range of goals and ideas.

This unit was furnished by Collectic Home

This unit was furnished by Collectic Home. It includes a Clarice Side Table and a Lotus Sleeper Sofa, among others.

Art and furniture from Collectic Home

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