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New BDI Office Collections

by | Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We are always excited when we get to unveil new products from BDI - (Read Why) - especially their brilliant contemporary office designs. There are several things that set BDI's office collections apart. First, their office collections are not conceived as individual pieces of furniture, but as cohesive, semi-modular, complete offices. They incorporate the many demands of a modern office into their designs while making each piece adaptable and a part of a seamless whole. Second, their furniture...

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Selecting Bar and Counter Stools

by | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Counter and Bar Stools If you are looking for new bar or counter stools, it is important to provide yourself with a base line of understanding about them before shopping. A little extra knowledge and measuring before making your purchase will usually make the difference between being happy or regretful. The difference between bar and counter stools is that bar stools are made to be used at bars and bar height tables, and counter stools are made to be used at counters and counter height tables....

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Inspired Offices

by | Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Furnishing a professional or home office can be an intimidating challenge. In addition to the required functionalism of office furniture, keeping a binding motif for your interior design can be a challenge. There are a lot of required duties of office furniture, and visual aesthetics can fall to the wayside as you seek to fulfill them. Collectic Home is here to help! Check out these pre-configured home + professional office compositions and use them as inspiration or templates for your own...

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The First Rule of Furnishing Your Home…

by | Tuesday, January 12, 2016

…there are no rules. We live in wondrous times. The last few years have demonstrated that the ongoing shift from the analog to the digital age and the virtually instant access to information via the Internet has created a planet-wide quake of enormous proportions, literally opening a gaping, bottomless chasm into which millions of outmoded business models have fallen. Just a short list of these includes photofinishing—who ever needed prints of all those blurry, under-exposed snapshots, much...

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My Favorites From Gus Modern

by | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

With Gus Modern's "Grow Modern Event" in full swing, now seems an appropriate time to pick my favorite products from their great collection of designer contemporary furniture. Browse our full selection of Gus Modern products here. Check out all their cool furniture and decide your own favorites, and be sure to act soon - the sale ends January 31st. The Mimico Storage Ottoman is a multi-purpose, contemporary bench constructed from natural ash with an upholstered seat that opens to reveal a...

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Style of the Season

by | Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter is here! Keep yourself current with the best wintery contemporary furniture trends.With winter weather in full swing, its time to take a look at today’s cold weather looks. Nothing beats coming in from the cold to a warm home full of cozy, fashionable furniture - and what’s in fashion this winter is richly textured, gray + colorful upholstery. Check out these great looks from Serena Lounge Chair has a warm vintage look with its patchwork polyblend upholstery that...

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New Year, New Trends

by | Thursday, December 10, 2015

The new year is a perfect time to take stock of where design trends are now and where they are headed. Here are my predictions for what styles will come to the fore in 2016. 1. Hand made / Artisanal Hand made imperfection goes in and out of style with some regularity. It seems 2016 could be a big year for hand made accents and furniture. Collectic Home has you covered with these hand made items from our collection. The Tristan Table Lamp is a stylish handmade clear blown art glass table lamp....

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9 Reasons We Love BDI Furniture

by | Thursday, December 3, 2015

1. FunctionBDI product designs are always centered around functionality. Because they specialize in media furniture, (a particularly demanding type of furniture design, detail-wise) they have formed a habit of considering functional details for their designs to great success. All of their media furniture collections have long lists of what they refer to as “performance features.” These include things like flow-through ventilation and infrared friendly glass – detailed functional features of...

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