remains dedicated to helping our friends, neighbors and family who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and the wild fires in California.

Here for the Long Road of Rebuilding

The path to recovery is longer and more tedious than the short attention span of the media, and sometimes, the country itself. Rebuilding after a disaster of this scale is difficult and expensive, as well as taxing on the psyche. If you would like to be part of the process, we are here to help!

If you were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and need pricing information on some of your old Collectic Home furniture in order to make insurance claims, please email with photos of the furniture, the name of the person who ordered the furniture, the location of the order, the address of the person that ordered the furniture and your best estimate of the date it was purchased. We will do our best to find any product information to help you evaluate your losses.

Our thoughts and best wishes remain with all those in Southeast Texas and Louisiana who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Re-Furnishing After the Flood

If you are looking for new furniture to replace furniture damaged from flooding or other such events associated with Hurricane Harvey, please email with your name, address, phone number and a wish-list of furniture. We will take your wish-list and seek the best discount possible from our manufacturing partners, many of whom have expressed interest in helping. If you could please include some kind of claim or address verification information, it will help us make sure we are only serving the people who truly need it.

Eurway had a super-store in Houston, and we remain dedicated to serving all of our friends there, and elsewhere in Southeast Texas.

Beaumont is Home to Our Website

Much of the critical infrastructure behind our website is in Beaumont, Texas. Our SAS platform provider's offices were flooded during Harvey, and many had to work from home. During this time, they were able to keep our website up and operational, with no interruption to server uptime! We are so thankful to all those in Beaumont who keep us up and running!

Beaumont is home to many critical pieces that run

Collectic Home Has Strong Ties With Florida

Florida is home to many Collectic Home customers. It is the location of several of our manufacturing partners and satellite warehouses. One of our favorite suppliers of genuine Italian modern furniture was greatly impacted by hurricane Irma, as well as hundreds of our customers. We are here for all of our customers in their times of trouble. If you were affected by Irma and looking to replace any furniture purchased from us, or at all, please contact us to inquire about discounts, or to acquire any receipts from past online orders. We, and many of our manufacturing partners, are happy to provide as much of a discount as possible to help you and your space get back to normal and up to speed.

We are grief-stricken by the wild fires in California and want to do anything we can to help in recovery.

California: Our Second Home

On the West Coast, we have hundreds of individual customers and businesses who have been and are being tragically affected by the wild fires. Only Texas, our original home, has more Collectic Home customers than California. Our thoughts are with you! Please, let us know if we can help you get back on your feet after the dust settles and the smoke clears.