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Collectic Home and the Environment

Collectic Home is a Founding Member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a non-profit balanced coalition of industry players created to promote sustainable practices among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike with a public tagging program to identify good choices. We are over one hundred members strong and growing fast. The solution starts with you.

Individual Initiatives

Collectic Home's showroom accent walls are very special. In addition to being completely movable (for merchandising, special events, etc.), they are finished with a unique, new paint: Aura by Benjamin Moore.

With the launch of Aura, Benjamin Moore has created the first new technology platform for paint since the introduction of latex in the 1950s - and has elevated its longstanding legacy of environmental stewardship to an historic new level. Aura meets the country's most stringent VOC regulations of 50 grams per liter with its waterborne colorant system, while delivering the ultimate in performance.

Conventional paint colorants contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Before Aura, even paint considered eco-friendly was often infused with significant levels of VOCs once colorants were added. Thanks to its revolutionary formulation, Aura's VOC level is remarkably low - just 50 grams per liter. Federal regulations allow for up to 250 grams for flat and 380 grams for non-flat paint. Furthermore, tinting the paint with Benjamin Moore's breakthrough waterborne colorants adds no additional VOCs. Presently, colorants added by retailers are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California's South Coast Air Quality Management District, or any other legislative body.

With Aura, Benjamin Moore once again has exceeded current and foreseeable regulatory requirements, while enhancing both quality and performance. Benjamin Moore has created its first all-new, original color palette in six years, the Affinity(TM) Color Collection, to coincide with the advent of Aura, the company's breakthrough super premium paint. Affinity is comprised of 144 versatile hues, each designed to work on its own, but also uniquely harmonious with one another. Inspired by global fashion trends, far-flung locales and the beauty of nature, the collection adds sophistication, depth and richness to interior settings.

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